Friday, January 6, 2012


Welcome to DJ Melodica's Arsenic and Almond Roca. I host a weekly music showcase at Magoo's Annex featuring guest deejays and local bands. I also deejay myself. I am often asked about the songs I play. I tend to play some very obscure post punk and new wave, among other things, and often am not able to expound too much detail. Don't want to break my flow. Here you will find more about the songs and artists I play along with news about upcoming guests and, I hope, some guest DJ contributors.
Above is the lovely flyer, made by my friend Jimmy Nadorozatoza, for my showcase on January 9th. 
Hopefully you locals will be there. 


  1. i have a cpouple of plastics cds somewhere but i can't find them

  2. If you really need a Plastics fix Ed, I can hook you up.
    Hey, can I link to your blog?

  3. sure link away . i know i have the cds somewhere, just like the david -40 miles 45 . i've been tearing the house apart trying to find it