Friday, January 6, 2012


No better place to start than one of my all time favorites.
I first discovered Plastics at the age of 12. I was already into Devo, Talking Heads and The B52's at that age. I had stayed up late (unbeknownst to my parents) to watch SCTV when I witnessed the splendor that is the video below
My favorite part is at about 1:27 when they are wearing the plastic santa suits and dancing on the giant dice!

This being in 1982, it was hard to find out alot about them. I remember waiting with a tape recorder for a repeat of the episode and for years carried around a crappy recording .
I finally, at the age of 20, found their first album in a record shop and bought it immediately.
Rumor has it that Plastics got their break in America when guitarist and vocalist Toshio Nakanishi designed a tour program for Talking Heads and slipped David Byrne a copy of their demo. He played it for the B52's manager and the rest is history. I guess Devo were big fans too.
They were also featured in the film Downtown 81, which I highly recommend for the other artists featured as well.(Tuxedomoon,DNA,James White and The Blacks)
Apparently Japan has only one cockroach

You can pretty much guarantee that a song from Plastics will be featured in almost every set I deejay. Here are some more great ones from Plastics. 

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  1. Glad to see you finally started a blog John! Long overdue!!! Can't wait to follow yer gems and findings.