Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Chameleons

I think one of the most influential aspects of my musical exploring as a youth was Tower Records.
The import section in particular. 
It was a different time. Now you can preview a bands music, find out all manner of info about them, even communicate with them all at the click of a mouse.
Back then you either read about them in a magazine, heard them from a friend or took a leap into the unknown and bought things based on looks and gut feeling. I became pretty good at guessing what a band might sound like just by seeing the album cover and reading the liner notes. It also helped that I had a crush on the clerk who stocked the section and would  ask questions. luck would have it that clerk was Rose Alexander (R.I.P.) and she would become my very good friend years later.
The most incredible find of mine was The Chameleons
This album became my soundtrack . 
I will let the music speak for itself. 
You hear how they were both of their time (post punk wise) and ahead of their time. Incredibly influential (anyone ever listen to Interpol? The National?) they released two more albums before breaking up. They reformed for a brief time, playing a series of shows, only to burst apart again.
Lead singer Mark Burgess has written a biography that is a very informative and fun read.
I highly recommend it.

 I was fortunate enough to see them live in 1987. They were amazing. 
Here are some more videos. I hope more people check out this highly underrated band.
You can find out more at this site.

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