Thursday, January 26, 2012

90's Garage Bands

Seemed to be alot of them everywhere putting records out. Thats the one sad thing about now nobody does 45's much anymore
Anyway here's 4 bands.
The Funseekers
Psycho Daisies
Minneapolis band circa 1990
Thee Headcoats
Well if you don't know who this is , you should be on some other blog.
I stopped collecting their 45's after the kitchen demo sessions lp.
The Mystreated
Senses Decieving Me
Nice Folk Rock sound by this UK band
The Troublemakers
Cursed Again
Northern California band. Can't remember if I saw this band(?) . Did see thee Headcoats . don't want to rag on any of the bands but if Thee Headcoats were from Seattle no one would care. They did Bo diddley covers for their whole set!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

500 0/0 More Man

Thats Bo Diddley & also the title to one of his lps.
500 o/o More Man
Hopefully will get reissued one day (?)
Stop My Monkey
Root Hoot
Let The Kid Dance
Corn Bread

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Father of Canadian R&R

Yup, Thats "Ronnie Hawkins" backed by the Hawks
Who Do You Love

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cool Livin

John Ylvisaker "Cool Livin" Lp
Who Cares for the City
Do You Know What I've Done ?
A Gay Cliche
Fabulous religious Lp wish they all had this sound.


Got This One from
They were talking about a garage song from all 50 states. This is what they came up with for Wyoming
Garry James & The Knoxville Frieghters
The One I Love
Tell Him No

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Surprisingly cool B-Side to Ode to Billie Joe
Bobbie Gentry
Mississippi Delta

Why Why Why

Dee & The Yeomen
Take The First Train Home
Why Why Why
The Groupies
The Paper Dream
She's No Good
My Mind's Eye

Les Sinners

Les Sinners
La 3'eme Fuite De Mohamed Z Ali
Je Suis La
Couple of Songs off Les Sinners -Sinerisme Lp. Get it if you can find it.One of Montreal's finest groups

Thursday, January 12, 2012

DJ Melodica presents Monday Showcase at Magoo's with Darren Selector and Battersea

I am very proud to present this night. Guest DJ Darren Selector will be spinning what he does best. You should check out his weekly radio show here:

Also in the house is Battersea. Good friends who make good music. Jangle pop sensations. Like The Wedding Present and Jonathon Richmond playing Twister!
 Be sure to come out and see the splendor. And  guess the TV theme songs and win a PRIZE!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More songs you've heard me play more than twice

"Rasputin" by Boney M
"Wanna be your lover" by La Bionda
"Nemesis" by Shriekback
"Little Green Bag" by The George Baker Selection

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dutch Treat

Dig The Yummy Sounds Of "The Softs"
Kassie Kijen
Paarse Broek

More Korea for your Tastes

One Lp This Time "Pearl Sister Sings To A Vocal Band" "Shin Joong Hyen & The Soul Sound Album"
One Side is the Pearl Sisters , Other side all Instrumental with Shin Joong Hyun.
Lets hope we get through this lp as its pretty rough looking.
Shin Joong Hyen
Side 2 Song 2
Side 2 Song 4
Side 2 Song 5

Pearl Sisters
Side 1 Song 3
Side 1 Song 4

North Of The Border, Up Vancouver Way

Three More Records from Vancouver, BC Canada
Gillian Russell
Man in The Street
Nice Female vocal circa 1966 on New Syndrome Records.
Mike Campbell
Hmmm... don't know what to say about this , Mike Campbell had a later lp as Michael Vincent after he changed his last name due to the mayor having the same last name & being unpopular at the time. Dig the song that has no mention of the title "Remorse"
Just looked at the writers credits for both the 45's, It's Tom Baird who produced Rare Earth, He drown in a boating accident & his body was never found . (RIP)
Last but not least "The Hi Fives"
Cold Wind
Mixed race band known for "Fuji Kami The Warrior" This is probablly closer to their real R&B sound. I remember talking to a few members of this band & being told that nobody would book them, the white clubs wanted nothing to do with blacks, & the black clubs did'nt want crackers playing their clubs.

Goodnight Wherever You Are
Mr Ed

Hi School


Enjoy the soothing High School songs By "the Laurentian High School Band " 1963/64
School Song
St James Infirmary

The above b-side was kind of depressing.

The Avengers ? No?

No not "The Avengers" but It's "The Laurie Johnson Orchestra"lp Big Band Sound Of Colpix 471.
Was gonna say pre Avengers but then I see a 1964 date on it. Whatever, enjoy some Laurie Johnson !!
Pagan Love Song

Sunday, January 8, 2012

More songs you've heard me play more than twice

"Slag Solution" by Hot Butter
"Electricity" by OMD

"Mahna Mahna" by Piero Umiliani
"Big Foot" by Googie Rene

More cool pics of Tacoma bands from the 60's

The Solitudes (1961 to 1964)

Chaotics (1960 to 1963)
The Ledgers (1962 to 1964)
The Young Gentry (1965 to 1967)
The Squire (1965 to 1971)

all images taken from this site:

Smoke on the Water

Here you go Kiddies, "Deep Purple" before they were creating "Smoke on the Water" .
See if you can find the diffrences in the pics.

If your having problems seeing the smaller photo here's a direct link a bigger pic


It's All "Korean "To Me

Here's a few Lps from the land of Korea

He 5 Soul Sound
Side 1 Song 1
Side 1 Song 4
Side 2 Song 5
Side 2 Song 6

Well don't know much about Korean rock then whats written. Picked both these lps up this weekend. Sorry can't read Korean either.Decent songs with fuzz guitar for the He 5 lp. I guess some of their material has been reissued (?)

The Pearl Sisters "Soulful Pearl Sister Hit Album"
Side 1 Song 3
Side 1 Song 4
Side 1 Song 5

I have another lp by The Pearl Sisters & Shin Joon Hyun & The Soul Sound but forgot to bring it. Anyway decent female vocals. Second side is all covers but i don't want to bore you with songs like "Yester day" & Cry Like a Baba"

We'll end it with one song from a "Hit Album" with artists like "Slim Whit Man" & "Dusty Spring field"
The Rebels
Monkey Monkey
Anybody know where "The Rebels " are from & who they are ?
I'll post a few other lps from Korea another time

Song you've heard me play more than twice

"Visions of China" by Japan

"Ninja" by Frank Chickens
"Angst in my pants" by Sparks

"EVA" by Jean Jacques Perrey

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pictures of Tacoma bands from the 80's

Airborne (1980's)
The Automatics (1982 to 1985)
Fantasy Force (1980 to 1990)
The Groceries!(1980's)
I hope Fantasy Force makes a comeback. They look like they would be HOT!
Again, all images taken from the site below:

Songs you've heard me play more than twice

"MAE" by Artefact

"Shiny shiny" by Haysie Fantaysie

"Teenage Kicks" by The Undertones

"Death and the Maiden" by The Verlaines

The Chameleons

I think one of the most influential aspects of my musical exploring as a youth was Tower Records.
The import section in particular. 
It was a different time. Now you can preview a bands music, find out all manner of info about them, even communicate with them all at the click of a mouse.
Back then you either read about them in a magazine, heard them from a friend or took a leap into the unknown and bought things based on looks and gut feeling. I became pretty good at guessing what a band might sound like just by seeing the album cover and reading the liner notes. It also helped that I had a crush on the clerk who stocked the section and would  ask questions. luck would have it that clerk was Rose Alexander (R.I.P.) and she would become my very good friend years later.
The most incredible find of mine was The Chameleons
This album became my soundtrack . 
I will let the music speak for itself. 
You hear how they were both of their time (post punk wise) and ahead of their time. Incredibly influential (anyone ever listen to Interpol? The National?) they released two more albums before breaking up. They reformed for a brief time, playing a series of shows, only to burst apart again.
Lead singer Mark Burgess has written a biography that is a very informative and fun read.
I highly recommend it.

 I was fortunate enough to see them live in 1987. They were amazing. 
Here are some more videos. I hope more people check out this highly underrated band.
You can find out more at this site.

Pictures of Tacoma bands from the 70's

Academe (1973 to 1974)

Adam Wind (1970 to 1972)

Chinook (1970 to 1980)

Look, it's Robert Cray!
Foghorn Leghorn (1973 to 1975)

All images taken from this wonderful site

Songs you've heard me play more than twice.

"Save My Soul" by Wimple Winch

"Inside out" by 999

"I wanna get rid of you" by Psychotic Pineapple

"Girl from Germany" by Sparks

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Pace

Years ago like in 1998, There was a band that opened for Girl Trouble called "The Pace". They did all Yardbirds songs except "i'm a lover not a fighter" . Whatever happenned to this band ??
Bands Come & Bands Go I guess (?)
Anybody ??

Hi I'm DJ Mr Ed/ Northwest Nuts

What should i post ? Hmmmm......
Ok we'll lets do something local "
Here's Rockin' Rod & the Strychnines 1st 45
We Stand United
Kill The Milkman
Vachon Island is home to Rockin' Rod. He's quite a character & can be a pest at times. Anyway a nice garagey 45 circa 199?. Wonder what he's up to these days ? If your ever checking local access TV keep an eye for a show called "This ain't Kareaokee "(SIC) & The episode with this group. Its a hoot especially when they finish too soon & Then Try to start playing again. Anyway Enjoy a nice sounding 45 by a Northwest NUT !!

From my good friend and guest deejay Mr.ED

Sonics Wanna-Be's ?? Don't know , don't think so . Here's Haney, BC Canada's 
Northwest Company
Hard To Cry
Get Away From It All

Cool pics of Tacoma bands circa 1960

Atlantic Steamer (1968 to 1969)

Cindy and The Barons (aka The Barons, The Egyptians) (1966 to 1967)

Take a look at these suave cats
Bill Pair IV (1966 to 1970)

and last but not least
Captain Flyswat & The Cat's Pajama Band (aka 7th and Pacific) (1967 to 1969)

All images taken from Pacific Northwest Bands site
I'll be posting more of these. Now to see if anybody has recordings!

Songs you've heard me play more than twice.

#1. "lucifer's friend" by Vision UK

#2. "My Baby Takes Valium" by Family Fodder

#3. "Laurel and Hardy" by The Equals

More to come later!


No better place to start than one of my all time favorites.
I first discovered Plastics at the age of 12. I was already into Devo, Talking Heads and The B52's at that age. I had stayed up late (unbeknownst to my parents) to watch SCTV when I witnessed the splendor that is the video below
My favorite part is at about 1:27 when they are wearing the plastic santa suits and dancing on the giant dice!

This being in 1982, it was hard to find out alot about them. I remember waiting with a tape recorder for a repeat of the episode and for years carried around a crappy recording .
I finally, at the age of 20, found their first album in a record shop and bought it immediately.
Rumor has it that Plastics got their break in America when guitarist and vocalist Toshio Nakanishi designed a tour program for Talking Heads and slipped David Byrne a copy of their demo. He played it for the B52's manager and the rest is history. I guess Devo were big fans too.
They were also featured in the film Downtown 81, which I highly recommend for the other artists featured as well.(Tuxedomoon,DNA,James White and The Blacks)
Apparently Japan has only one cockroach

You can pretty much guarantee that a song from Plastics will be featured in almost every set I deejay. Here are some more great ones from Plastics.