Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's All "Korean "To Me

Here's a few Lps from the land of Korea

He 5 Soul Sound
Side 1 Song 1
Side 1 Song 4
Side 2 Song 5
Side 2 Song 6

Well don't know much about Korean rock then whats written. Picked both these lps up this weekend. Sorry can't read Korean either.Decent songs with fuzz guitar for the He 5 lp. I guess some of their material has been reissued (?)

The Pearl Sisters "Soulful Pearl Sister Hit Album"
Side 1 Song 3
Side 1 Song 4
Side 1 Song 5

I have another lp by The Pearl Sisters & Shin Joon Hyun & The Soul Sound but forgot to bring it. Anyway decent female vocals. Second side is all covers but i don't want to bore you with songs like "Yester day" & Cry Like a Baba"

We'll end it with one song from a "Hit Album" with artists like "Slim Whit Man" & "Dusty Spring field"
The Rebels
Monkey Monkey
Anybody know where "The Rebels " are from & who they are ?
I'll post a few other lps from Korea another time


  1. Hi Ed,
    if you google for the Rebbels (with a double b), you'll find they're from Germany, Koblenz, and had 3 45s. Check out their website (in German, but with a lot of great pics)